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About Us

Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.

M.G.M English Medium School was established in Kalbillod in the academic year 1996-97.

The school is named after SAINT GREGORIOS who is the first canonized SAINT by the Orthodox Syrian Church of India. There are nearly 300 Educational Institutions and 50 Hospitals in the SAINT'S name all over India. The intercession of our Patron Saint has been behind all the success of M.G.M. Institutions. The intercession of our Patron Saint has been guiding light behind all the success of M.G.M. Institutions.

MGM Schools and its sister concerns run by the Orthodox Church are located almost all over India . In M.P. & Chattisgarh our schools are located at Jabalpur , Dewas , Itarsi, Indore,Korba , Raipur,Bhilai , Sarni,Bilaspur,Makodia , Bhopal etc.

M.G.M is incorporated to impart quality education to the students . It is CBSE affiliated English Medium School providing value based quality education to develop all creative aspects of a Scholars' personality.

The Emblem

M.G.M is the abbreviated form of MAR GREGORIOS MEMORIAL . Our motto,”Knowledge is power “reflects the prime objective of education. Education enlightens a human mind with knowledge that leads to wisdom, which empowers a human being to bring the improvisation, which leads to a better nation and a better world . The emblem is in the form of a dove that reminds every Gregorian to rise up to greater heights of wisdom built on sound and solid foundations.

The open book is a symbol of knowledge , learning and enlightment . Knowledge that is not merely “bookish” but more ‘ humane and pragmatic’. It symbolizes man’s search for truth from darkness to light.