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Learning is both a process and an outcome. Learning, how to learn is as important as what is being learnt. Learning needs to be dynamic to keep pace with changing contents, tools & goals. Both teaching & learning evolve into co-learning, thus engaging teachers and students in diverse ways. A teacher mentors, facilitates, tracks, sets and raises standards. Learning today is ongoing, connected, real & applied. It follows need, talent & interest of the students and makes them lifelong learners. The new educational tools enable smart learning and make learning self-directed.

Young Children approach learning in different ways, each bringing a unique set of attitudes, habits and preferences as per his interactions and explorations.

The excellent & extensive sports areas are real grounds for further training in development of essential virtues of tolerance, obedience, team building and an incessant quest to win. Thus, our approach to learning is aimed at the holistic development of our students through experiential, collaborative, interactive & motivational methods of teaching. All the components of the curriculum, the daily routine, the arrangement of the learning environment and the teacher-student interaction strategies work together to follow well defined approaches to learning i.e. Initiative, Planning, Engagement, Problem solving, use of resources & Reflections.

We, at M.G.M., believe in substituting the monotonous rote learning by modern student-friendly and innovative ways wherein learning is facilitated by scientific and technical teaching aids accompanied by digitalized class rooms, giving ample scope to learners to have hands on experience.