Welcome To MGM School

Principal’s desk

Principal’s desk


“Education makes people easy to lead, But Difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave.”

We have taken a completely new turn for blooming up the education system by striving for excellence in every possible field and achieving it in a spectacular way. Our motto “Goodness before greatness” not only goes with rigorous scholastic programmes but also, we seek to develop and nurture the different faces of a student. It is a philosophy that recognizes the unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual qualities of students. In order to help students grow, a school curriculum must be intellectually challenging while reinforcing previously learned skills. The school atmosphere must allow students to verbalize their opinions, experience success, develop trust, have some freedom of movement and make decisions without fear.

Children are the future of the nation. So the school aims to focus on preparing the students to meet the challenges in proactive manner by inculcating right values in life to develop the feeling of brotherhood and nationalism.

The school provides a holistic learning environment and facilitates communication and interaction between teachers, Students & parents.

When measuring our success however, we do not simply look at the statistics. We also examine the quality of relationships and interactions. We model respect and understanding for each other. One of the most important factors in every students success is the involvement of parents / guardians interest and support.

We look forward to working with you and your child as we plan together for another successful school year.