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Vice President


Vice President

Education is the ability to think, apply practically and to know the value of Life. It doesn’t limit itself with self education but also aims to spread itself to every human around us. There is no end for education. In each and every stage of human life, we learn something.

We can’t limit education to learning life but education is life itself. It is the key to finding great talents hidden in every individual. By strengthening these talents a person can live independently and can achieve freedom to lead a fruitful and peaceful life.

The schools and colleges render a great job in moulding the new generation. They are not just imparting the knowledge to students. But real aim of education is to co-relate the present with the past and to the future. School education inculcates the values of the past generation and carries them with present innovations. It helps to break the social evils and built a better nation. Then only we can appreciate the positive factors from the past generation and try to continue that valuable experience in the present days and dream for the future.

M. G. M. English Medium School, through the past years is trying to reach all the aims of education and has attained it up to a certain extent. Our hope and prayer is to achieve all the aims of education in the years to come. To realize these aims, the support and co-operation of the society is unavoidable.

We seek the blessings of our Lord Almighty to empower us to render the service of education to the society and spread our motto “Knowledge is Power”.